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Youth Kick-Off Events Pave the Way for Impact

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to invest in and deepen relationships with over 30 middle school students and over 20 high school students at our Youth Kick-Off events. We saw lots of old friends, but also met new friends and saw new faces in the gym. Tons of incoming 6th graders, who are excited to be a part of BlueSky Youth, came rushing through the doors on Sunday. For the high school Kick-Off it was awesome to see students bring their friends who had just recently moved to Kenya this summer.

Our BlueSky Youth team is looking forward to this semester. We are eager to share the Gospel with the nations as we host our events at Climb BlueSky in the Youth space, The Crux. The climbing gym is an amazing facility and it is a beautiful thing to see when there are kids in it and it is being used for it’s purpose! Both HS and MS students LOVED climbing in the bouldering cave and on the beginner walls, and wouldn’t stop asking questions about when the other walls would be ready to climb on. The gym felt alive, and it was a blessing to have students hanging out there.

This post was written by BlueSky Youth Staff Member, Daley Niederhofer.

Camp Reunion Engages 70 Students

On Saturday, our team was able to connect with over 70 campers and their parents at a camp reunion.  They came from many different nations and backgrounds, as well as schools.  For many of them, this was the first connection that they made with our team outside of camp.  They were able to spend time with our team, experience the new climbing gym, and learn more about opportunities to get involved in youth events.

It is our prayer that this event will serve as a springboard to engage these students during the year, that BlueSky will become more than a fun week of camp during the summer.   We hope to provide these students with a safe place to connect regularly, where they can find authentic community and be impacted with the Gospel.

Thank you for your prayers for this event, it was a huge success.  Please continue to pray for our team as they seek to engage these students and pray that the Lord would cultivate a desire for Him within their hearts.


BlueSky Adventures Activates Change in Leaders in Kenya

BlueSky Adventures recently hosted an Open House, where 25 companies came out to the course to find out how we can help develop their leaders, improve their lines of communication and build trust in their organization.  We’ve already had inquiries from 6 companies who were represented that day, one of which is a media company with 800 employees!

In the next week, BlueSky Adventures is expecting to work with roughly 200 participants from corporations, schools and aid groups.  The Lord is using BlueSky Adventures to activate change in the lives of many individuals and organizations.  Would you pray that He would continue to increase our impact as we engage the nations through this program?

Saying Goodbye and Welcoming New Team Members

The team last month on a camping trip to celebrate Jason, Tyler, and Beth’s time with us.

In the past couple of weeks, our team has said goodbye to Jason, Tyler, and Beth, who have all finished their time with us and have returned to the States.  We are so thankful for their hearts for the multinational community and their service.  We are going to miss the unique gifts that each of them brought to the team.

On Sunday night, Luke and Christie Lindval arrived in Kenya to work with BlueSky Adventures.  We are so excited to welcome them to the team and can’t wait to see what the Lord does in and through them during their time in Nairobi.  Welcome Luke and Christie!

Climb BlueSky Engages the Nations

Climb BlueSky is engaging the nations by building community among an unreached people who are longing for a place to belong.  Meeting this need is a critical first step towards building authentic relationships and sharing the Gospel with people who do not know Jesus.  As construction on the gym continues, our team is actively pursuing the opportunity to impact the multinational community.  We’ve been able to host two open house events.  Both times, our team was encouraged by how many people were excited about the gym and the community it will create.  The video below was filmed at the first open house, you will love the opportunity to hear directly from the people the gym is going to impact.

We’re in the home stretch.  Will you donate towards the remaining $50K needed to complete the gym?  Your donation will directly impact the lives of a multinational community full of decision makers.  We’re committed to reaching this influential community with the Gospel, the completion of Climb BlueSky will give us another important avenue by which to reach them.

Last week, BlueSky had the privilege of hosting two couples who are long time friends of our organizations: Dan and Rhonda Cathy and Jim and Mary Pace.  It was such an encouragement for our team to be able to spend time with these couples who are seasoned in both business and ministry.

During his time, Dan was able to partner with us in engaging the nations by preaching at the international church.  The group also spent time getting to know the multinational community at a gathering at the Prestons home.

They were able to spend time with the team from each of our different ministry.  This time was such a blessing to our team.  Climb BlueSky was able to host their second open house where about 40 people from the multinational community came to climb in the gym.  During their time, the Paces and Cathys were also able to connect with members of the Indian community through their time at our new facility and at the home of Sandhia, one of our facilitators with BlueSky Adventures.

We are so blessed by visits from those who catch the vision of BlueSky Global and want to experience what the Lord is doing in Nairobi first-hand.  Would you like to join the adventure of engaging the nations?  We are already planning short term trips for the upcoming year and there are many opportunities to plug in to the Lords work in the multinational community in Nairobi.