Current Needs

Join the Adventure

Would you partner with us financially as we share the Gospel with the multinational community in Kenya? Below is a list of our most urgent needs:

·  Recently, several of our team members were in a car accident. While we praise the Lord that no one was hurt, we are now in need of a new car to replace the one that was totaled.  In the last year, 2 cars have been in accidents and another was stolen.  Our current car situation often leaves 5 Youth team members with only 1 car, making it impossible for them to be in the 7 schools where they are working.  We urgently need to purchase at least 2 dependable vehicles.  Need: $20,000 for 2 cars

· Our current monthly ministry expenses are $15,000 while our monthly general donations are $5,000. We need additional monthly donations to recover this deficit. Need: $10,000 monthly 

· Climb BlueSky will be an incredible ministry tool as we seek to engage the international community. Phase 2 of 4 is almost complete but funding has been exhausted.  Additional funding is needed to complete this project in a timely manner so that Climb BlueSky can begin impacting lives. Need: $95,000

Both one-time and recurring giving are available via PayPal at Donations may be mailed to: BlueSky · 900 Westpark Drive · Suite 300 · Peachtree City, GA 30269.

Thank you for your support!


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