Go Deeper: Students and Staff Travel to Young Life Camp in Tanzania

Last September, Kim and Michelle, the director of BlueSky Youth, had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania and attend a training conference and meet with the Young Life staff there.  Last week Daley and Tyler to Arusha with 4 of their students to attend a Young Life camp.  Its awesome to be able to work with another organization who is also passionate about reaching multinational students with the Gospel.

Daley had these words to say about their trip: “YL camp in TZ was awesome.  The weekend was a fun and exciting adventure.  We rode camels in Arusha, made new friends at camp, hiked to a waterfall and swam in the frigid water, went fishing and biking in the mountains, played lots of games, and overall had an incredible weekend.

The two guys are in Tyler’s Covenant Group but they openly don’t follow Christ.  Tyler had the opportunity to be intentional about talking with them about Christ.  Lots of people told us they would be praying for us and our trip and we could definitely tell;  it was a huge blessing!

I got to have some wonderful conversations with my girls.  It was so fun to watch their friendship form so deep and quickly.  They had only met once before the trip (I invited them to hand out one night).  By the end of the trip, they seemed like best friends.  One of my favorite things about the trip was the way Karen, who has been a believer for some time, encouraged Maureen in her new faith, and gave such wise advice.  In one of our cabin times, Maureen expressed some hard stuff going on at school and Karen encouraged her to memorize James 1:2-4.  It was really neat to see Karen stepping up as a leader and building up her new friend.

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Go Deeper: The Lord Continues to Open Doors for the Youth Team

It has been amazing to see how the Lord is at work in the lives of students through the BlueSky Youth team.  Here are some of the latest opportunities:

  • Since some of the guys from the Hindu school asked for extra training in American football, Tyler gets to spend every Thursday and Friday afternoon getting to know those guys better!  Pray that the Lord would continue to give develop these relationships and give Tyler opportunities to share his faith with the students.
  • Beth has had the opportunity to connect at the International school.  She has gotten to know several students and has been able to get coffee with some of them.  Pray that the Lord would continue to open up doors and use her in that community.
  • Bryce has had the opportunity to start a Covenant group with middle school guys from the International school.  This is such an answer to prayer.  Pray that the students will respond to the Gospel as Bryce seeks to share Christ with them.
  • Daley thanks the Lord that her middle school covenant group has continued to grow.  She has continued to have more and more girls, one week she had 14!  She’s thankful to see the Lord growing those girls and asks you to pray that He would continue to grow them in His Word and give them a heart to study scripture and know Him more.
  • Michelle, the leader of the Youth team, has been working very hard to develop the student ministry as a whole.  Now that we have a complete team, rather than just one or two people, the ministry has been able to develop into a cohesive outreach and discipleship ministry.  Michelle is doing an incredible job overseeing this transition.
  • The weekly BlueSky middle school events have continued to grow.  Recently the group met at the local water slides and lots of kids brought their friends, who have continued to come to the regular events.  Our team is encouraged to see new students beginning to engage our team.
  • Daley and Tyler are going to be leading a group of students up Mount Kenya this weekend.  You can be praying that they would have the opportunity to connect with each student on this trip.  Spending time in God’s beautiful creation can be an incredible opportunity for hearts to be opened to the greatness of our God.

Go Deeper: Weekly BlueSky Events

Last Friday night, BlueSky youth started out our weekly events for this semester with a chili cook-out at the Preston’s. It was a smaller group of kids who came, but so much fun! We feasted on the back porch, played games, and talked for a long time. When we were eating dinner, Michelle had a really cool conversation with one of the students in Tyler’s covenant group about coming to church. He doesn’t come from a Christian family but went to church when he went on a cultural experience trip with his school.  He said it was a really awesome experience for him and he really enjoyed watching everyone worship.  Since he openly does not have a relationship with the Lord, it was a huge mile marker!  This week he is planning to attend church with our team. We can all be praying for his experience and that the Body of Christ would make him feel welcomed as he comes for the first time. It’s been a gift to watch how Christ is softening his heart, and slowly opening him up to the idea of following Christ.

Sunday we kicked off middle school events- we had 5 new students come for the first time! Also, 3 of these new students came to the Covenant Group that Michelle and Daley lead on Tuesday mornings. What a fun blessing!! Our Covenant Groups continue to grow and the Lord is continually opening up doors for us to keep loving his children here in Nairobi.

Daley (orange hat) with her covenant group girls

Beth, Bryce and Daley had a blast at the Homeschool Retreat this past week. Monday-Wednesday we were camped out at Scripture Mission in Karen. There were about 30 homeschoolers who we had a great opportunity to love on, play with, and share the Gospel with. Thier parents were in a Conference all day. So while the parents were in classes, we got to do programs all day for the middle school and high school students. It basically looked like a day at camp. We were super busy and had lots of fun!! Each morning we had a devotional. Byrce talked about identity- and how the righteousness of Christ is the only thing which identifies us as God’s Children, Beth talked about Matthew 7 and building our firm foundation on the Rock, and I talked about being a light in this dark world and the story of Esther and how God hears our prayers. We played lots of games (soccer, power rugby, swam, did field olympics/relay races in the pool) and lots of other fun games!

 Beth and Daley had an opportunity to pray with and encourage one of the girls who had just moved here from China. She had been having a hard time adjusting so it was a blessing to get to encouarage her through prayer and advocating for her in that way.  It is such a blessing for our team to be able to walk through difficult transitions with our students.  God is so good to give us these opportunities.

Beth spending time with one of the students.

Bryce leads a devotion for the students.

Reach Out: Clubs Start in the Indian School

Friday afternoon, Daley and Tyler were eagerly greeted with 120 students who swarmed their car as they arrived on campus.  Tyler had 70 boys sign up for football club and Daley had 50 girls in basketball.  They were absolutely blown away by how many kids wanted to get to know them and take part in their club.  God has been amazingly faithful to open up opportunities for our team to begin serving these Hindu students.  Would you pray that the Lord would continue to bless their Friday clubs and that He would give them opportunities to get to know students and share Jesus with them?

Prayer Answered!

Earlier this week, we asked for prayer for Daley and Tyler’s meeting with the headmaster of a local Hindu school.  The meeting went very well and they were able to finalize the details for them to be involved on campus this semester.  Praise the Lord!

They will be leading club activities each week.  Every Friday afternoon, Tyler will be teaching American football and Daley will be offering basketball for the girls.  Tomorrow the students will be signing up for the club they want to attend, pray that students would sign up for these two clubs!  Also, please be praying that Daley and Tyler would build strong relationships with the students in their club and get to know other students on campus.   The Lord has opened this door and we are very excited to see where it will lead next!


Have Faith: A New Beginning

School started back today so the BlueSky Youth team spent today praying for their students.  They prayed on the campuses of two schools and prayed for the students from other schools from the youth space at Climb BlueSky.  The team will spend Wednesday and Thursday planning and praying over this semester.  Would you pray that this team would have wisdom as they plan?  Would you pray that students would see Jesus for who He is and have faith this semester?

Also on Wednesday, Daley and Tyler will be meeting again with the principal of the Hindu school about their involvement on campus this semester.  Would you pray for favor with him so that they will be able to invest in the lives of those students this semester?

The Youth team also welcomes Beth Mixon to the team this semester.  Beth is an intern from Covenant College in Chattanooga, TN.  She grew up in Kenya so understands the unique challenges that students face when they grow up outside of their passport country.  Beth has a heart for the Lord and the students in Kenya.  We believe she will be a blessing to the students as she joins our team in ministry this semester.

We’re also so excited about the progress on Climb BlueSky.  The student space is under construction.  Here are some pictures of the recent progress.

The Youth team is excited to see the amphitheater under construction.

The Youth offices will be in the background of this shot (between the column and the wall). The offices will be on the ground floor. Above the offices, a loft will be the youth hangout with couches, ping pong, etc.

The youth space and deck