About BlueSky

The Full Time Team (Front: Stephen, David, Lexi, Greg, Jason, Tyler Back: Andrew, Michelle, Bryce, Kim, Daley

In 2001, a small group of people from the U.S. were invited to Nairobi, Kenya to build a ropes course and start a team building program. Those efforts resulted in the founding of BlueSky’s camp ministry. As our work continued, we quickly realized that there was a large multinational community in Nairobi that essentially had no exposure to the Gospel. Through this discovery, God gave us a desire to serve this unique group of people. As a result, we’ve continued to expand our adventure and camp offerings, and we’ve added a youth program to serve students throughout the year. We’re also building a rock climbing gym, Climb BlueSky, which will serve as a year-round connection point for people of all ages in these communities.

We’ve got a website where you can find lots of great information about our programs, but that’s just the beginning.  At the heart of all of our programs is a desire to share Jesus with a multinational community that does not know Him.  Because of some security concerns, our website is a little vague, but our blog gives us a place to celebrate what the Lord is doing and share our struggles with our friends and supporters.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read what the Lord is doing in and through BlueSky!  We covet your prayers as we seek to make Jesus known in Kenya.


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