Thank You from Climb BlueSky

Divu is a 15 year old Indian boy who’s family owns the large restaurant downstairs. Thus, he’s always just hanging out around Diamond Plaza. He’s been stopping into our space for months, waiting for us to open.  Now, this past week, he’s been here every day & night, including 8 hours on Saturday.  Previously he used to bide his time playing pool by himself at the pool hall in the basement.  But, now, he spends his time following Andrew & Stephen around.  Now, he’s being loved on by our staff, and Andrew invited him to join our Youth events on Sunday afternoon – where he’s now hearing the Gospel!

Dave is an ex-pat, probably in his late 20’s, who runs a business and lives to go rock climbing. He’s been at our place every day / night that we’ve been open this past week also.  He’s longing for community, and a place to connect. Stephen got to have a really good conversation with him last night, and he represents just one of many that our staff will now have the opportunity to pour into multiple times a week!

In its first week of operation, Climb BlueSky had the opportunity to impact over 200 people.  God has been so gracious in allowing this dream to come to fruition.  Stephen and Andrew express their gratitude in the video below.

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