Climb Higher: Climb BlueSky is up and running!

Climb BlueSky opened its doors for the first time on Saturday.  They had 42 people who came to climb.  Our team was so encouraged to finally be open after months and months of hard work.

When asked to share some highlights of the day, Co-Director, Stephen Powell said,”PEOPLE IN THE GYM!! It is so incredible to watch other people enjoy what we have worked so hard to build. And after all the reason we built it was for people. We had expats, Indians, Kenyans, families, climbing buddies, and kids come enjoy the gym. It was great foresight into the kind of crowd we will draw to the gym and the opportunity we have to expose them to the Gospel.

There were no major hiccups. No one complained about the price, the waiver, us having to check their belay style. Everyone just seemed happy that we are finally open. And we had so much interest in classes and groups. There is a ton of opportunity ahead of us. “

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