Climb BlueSky Prepares to Open

It is a big, big week for Climb BlueSky.  On Saturday, Climb BlueSky will open to the public for the first time!  We’re so excited to begin impacting our community as they come climb with us.  It has been a long road to this day and the Lord has been so faithful.  He has enabled our team to navigate each and every hurdle and we’re so thankful to see this day come.

The gym is not completely finished so construction will continue during the week. For now, the gym will be open three nights a week and all day on Saturday.

Would you pray for the opening of Climb BlueSky?  Join us in thanking the Lord for His faithfulness to provide.  Pray that Saturday would be the beginning of many relationships that will have Kingdom impact.  Pray that the Lord is honored through Climb BlueSky and that the light of those inside will penetrate the darkness at Diamond Plaza, a place filled with idolatry and evil.

The staff are training for the big day!


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