BlueSky Youth has begun a partnership with YoungLife International in EastAfrica within the past year. We’ve now held 3 staff development trainings together as well as taken BlueSky students to a YL camp in Tanzania.  This past week, 2 of the YL international staff couples came to Nairobi for a week of training and community building.  Our team hosted these couples, and we had a blast!    We are preparing to host a large outreach camp in December for high school students from international
schools in East Africa. YL has staff in international schools in Tanzania,
Rwanda, & Malawi, and BlueSky is obviously working in international
schools in Kenya.  So, everyone is working to get high school students to
Nairobi for Camp in December!  We’ll host camp at Lukenya (where Camp
BlueSky happens in June & July), and we are really excited about this
joint venture!  Will you pray for students to sign up for Camp?  Pray also
for their lives to be transformed by the Gospel!  It has been so
refreshing & encouraging to connect with these YL folks because of our
similar passion for this unique group of multinational people living in
Africa. And, we had such a fun week showing them the big city of Nairobi!
BlueSky Youth continues to pour into the lives of the multinational community in Nairobi.  Each week they are meeting at the youth space, the Crux, at Climb BlueSky.  During these times, the team pours into the students and shares a message from this semester’s theme verse, John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
Here are some pictures from a recent Middle School event.

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