Last week, BlueSky had the privilege of hosting two couples who are long time friends of our organizations: Dan and Rhonda Cathy and Jim and Mary Pace.  It was such an encouragement for our team to be able to spend time with these couples who are seasoned in both business and ministry.

During his time, Dan was able to partner with us in engaging the nations by preaching at the international church.  The group also spent time getting to know the multinational community at a gathering at the Prestons home.

They were able to spend time with the team from each of our different ministry.  This time was such a blessing to our team.  Climb BlueSky was able to host their second open house where about 40 people from the multinational community came to climb in the gym.  During their time, the Paces and Cathys were also able to connect with members of the Indian community through their time at our new facility and at the home of Sandhia, one of our facilitators with BlueSky Adventures.

We are so blessed by visits from those who catch the vision of BlueSky Global and want to experience what the Lord is doing in Nairobi first-hand.  Would you like to join the adventure of engaging the nations?  We are already planning short term trips for the upcoming year and there are many opportunities to plug in to the Lords work in the multinational community in Nairobi.


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