Rise Up: Camp BlueSky begins 3rd Session

After a 3 week break, Camp BlueSky is back in session.  This week we have an all time high, 154 campers!  There are many, many nationalities represented this week, as well as the president of Kenya’s grandchildren.  Please pray for clarity and boldness for our team as we share the Gospel with future Global leaders this week.  Would you also pray that many hearts would be transformed as they respond to the Gospel?

This week will be quite an adjustment for the counselors.  They have been out of the camp routine for 3 weeks and are now back at it, with lots of campers! Would you pray for strength for them.

Here are some pictures of Day 1 at camp.  

The Millers were wonderful friends of BlueSky for many years when they lived in Kenya. Now they make the 16 hour trek from Dar es Salaam each year to bring Cheryl to camp!

One of the first things that happens at camp is that campers are initiated into their teams for the week.  They are selected as either Chumvi (salt) or Nuru (light).  These team compete in various games and competitions throughout the week and the counselors compete on the same teams for the entire summer.  These competitions are so much fun for both campers and counselors.  Here are some pictures from the initiation process.

The Nuru (blue) and Chumvi (red) kings and queens oversee the initiation process


The Nuru tunnel

Celebrating new Chumvi

Celebrating new Chumvi!


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