Get Excited: The Latest Progress from Climb BlueSky

Climb BlueSky is almost ready to open!  Several climbing walls and the bouldering cave are almost ready to go, but that’s not why our team is so excited.

Our team is excited because we are already seeing God redeeming the hearts of the Indian community in Nairobi and this climbing gym is going to increase our impact.  For a year, we’ve been building relationships with shop owners and passerby’s.  At camp, we’ve been watching Indian campers respond to the Gospel.  Watching people when Light pierces the darkness is one of the greatest blessings of ministry.  When the gym opens, we are going to get to watch it inside this facility every day.

God is so good and we believe He is going to use this place to bring many, many people into His Kingdom.  Would you pray to this end with us?

We’re also praying for the funding needed to complete the project.  We need an additional $50K to completely finish the gym.  Would you help us reach the Indian community with the Gospel by giving toward this need?

We are almost ready to begin the soft opening, we’re only waiting on the mats they will use as crash pads in the bouldering cave.  They were scheduled to arrive yesterday, but since we operate on Kenyan time, we’re expecting them sometime next week!  Once the mats arrive, we’ll start moving towards the soft opening, which will mean opening the gym 4-5 nights a week while building continues during the day.

The Cave (more paint and holds have been added since this picture was taken last weekend)

The Entrance Wall to the Cave

Building has also begun on the central climbing tower.  When complete, this feature will really increase the awe factor, as well as provide some amazing climbing opportunities.


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