Go Deeper: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness During 2nd Session

On Saturday, the 2nd session of camp came to a close.  The majority of these campers weren’t from Christian families and the Lord was so faithful to provide many, many opportunities for campers to be transformed by the power of the Gospel.  We have so much to celebrate as well as many campers who need our prayers as they return home.

  • Lots of middle school girls in one cabin began the week saying they were atheist/didn’t believe in God and said they didn’t want to be a part of the devotionals this week.  One girl said, “Jesus is just a person’s name in a book.”  By the end of the week 4 girls accepted Christ.  Every girl in the cabin experienced God in a new way.
  • One high school aged camper, Ben, led another camper, Eri, to Christ. Eri’s sister Yael also came to Christ this week.  Eri and Yael are from  a Jewish background.  It is amazing to see the Lord redeeming families as young people hear the Gospel at camp.  Pray for them as they talk to their family about the Lord’s work in their lives.
  •  Wednesday night, after we talked about the cross, the counselors for one cabin of middle school boys was asked to break down each story that had been told during the week.  Lots of the guys had never heard any of these stories from the Bible, even how God had created the world. The counselors had the opportunity to start at square one and talk about each story with the kids—that God created the stars, the whole universe and each person.  We’re praising God for the seeds that were planted in the lives of each one of these boys.

    Bryce challenging the campers before they left Saturday morning, “What will you do now?”


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