The second week of Camp BlueSky began on Sunday.  This week we have 100 campers.  These campers are primarily from the international school.  Their parents work for embassies, aid organizations, non-profits, and businesses.  They are being groomed to be the next generation of world leaders.  It is our privilege to spend this week of camp with them, where many of them will hear the good news of Christ for the first time.

One of the ways we are sharing Christ with campers this summer is through MAC (Men After Christ) and SWAG (Strong Women After God).  This time is designed to give the campers the opportunity to learn more about what it means to be a man or woman seeking the Lord, and have fun doing it!

During MAC, the guys enjoy man time by doing things like playing dodgeball after hearing about David and Goliath and going on a quest for milk and honey after learning about John the Baptist.  During SWAG, the women keep it more lady-like.  After a talk about Rahab they learn a SWAG dance and after learning about Queen Esther, they chat about what it means to be princesses of the King.

This has been an awesome way for campers to see their counselors living out being a man or woman of God and begin to pursue this for themselves.  Here are a couple of shots from SWAG:


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