Rise Up: The Cross

This year the theme for camp is Rise Up: The Chronicles of Gnarlia.  Each night campers have had this theme developed and have been watching clips of The Chronicles of Gnarlia.  Matt Dye, a former Camp BlueSky camper and this summer’s communication coordinator, shares the events of the evening in a blog written for the parents of campers.

“Tonight we arrived at part four of The Chronicles of Narlia: Aslan’s sacrifice on the stone table which parallels Jesus’ death on the cross.

After dinner, we filed the campers into the auditorium one cabin at a time in silence. Upon entering the room, the kids realized there was something different about the set up. There were lit lanterns that formed a pathway toward the front of the room. Soft music played as the campers entered; after several songs the music faded and Lexi Wayman began a narration of the events leading up to the crucifixion of Christ. After several paragraphs she paused. At that moment, Tyler Fleet of the leadership team, was lead into the room dressed as Jesus. There was a large cross standing on the back wall. Every camper had written a sin of their on a piece of paper and nailed it to the cross. Our Jesus figure, while being taunted by other members of leadership, staggered with the cross along the lantern-lit pathway. When he arrived at the stage, he dropped the cross on it, the taunters left, the music faded in and Lexi continued to narrate.

This event was one of the most powerful things I have witnessed at camp. Afterwards, we showed the kids another clip from the Chronicles of Narnia, which we have shown every night in succession leading to this point. The clip was of Aslan sacrificing himself on the stone table. When the noise faded, soft sniffling could be heard across the room; we prayed and dismissed the campers to a time of reflection with their cabin and star gazing. For almost two hours the campers sat out in the field praying, talking, and crying with one another. I don’t know what the contents of their discussions were, but the Holy Spirit moved at Camp BlueSky tonight.

We all felt encouraged after the events of this evening and we are eagerly anticipating what the last couple days hold in store. ”


One thought on “Rise Up: The Cross

  1. Thank you for all you are doing to show Christ to our kids. I’m so please our son is able to experience this week with you.

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