Step Up: BlueSky Adventures Has Impacted Over 1100 People in 2012

BlueSky Adventures has been blessed with the opportunity to impact over 1100 people so far in 2012.  That’s a 44% increase over this time last year.  In April the team was able to train 330 people from 2 schools, 1 university, and a number of Corporate and Non-Government Organizations.  

One of the groups was a multi-billion dollar company and leader in global communications.  They brought 114 people and are talking with our team about bringing 200 more.  They have a diverse team of people from around the world and our team is able to influence them by helping them to lead better, communicate well, and expand their impact.  We are very thankful for the opportunity to bring change to this company!

BlueSky Adventures has also been blessed recently by a visit from several team members from our partner organization, WinShape Wilderness.  Zach Harter, Director of Operations, spent time with our operations team helping to refine our operations and client relations.  International coordinator, Sarah Freeman, spent 3 weeks investing in and providing training for our staff on the programming team.


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