Reach Out: BlueSky Youth Holds First Event in the Ministry Hub

BlueSky Youth hosted 25 students from at least 7 nationalities at the first student event at the new Ministry Hub, a High School Lock-in.  The event provided an amazing opportunity as the majority of the students were the “fringe” kids– many of whom don’t know the Lord.  Our team has build friendships with many of these kids, but they usually don’t come to events.  Our Ministry Hub is changing that; it fulfilled its purpose by providing an avenue for our team to increase our impact in the lives of students that need Christ.

The event kicked off with dinner in the Diamond Plaza food court, the shopping center that is home to the new facility.  Then they went up to Climb BlueSky where they played dodgeball, board games, watched movies, and of course climbed on the new climbing walls!  Its so exciting to see the students getting excited about being able to come climb and hangout at our new hub.

For one team member, Daley, a highlight was getting to know a friend of one of the students in her covenant group.  Cindy has been to one or two BlueSky events but has never been really involved.  Daley enjoyed building a deeper friendship with her as they spent some one-on-one time together.

Beth had a similar experience with Ariana, who is typically withdrawn.  Beth got to spend quite a bit of time talking with her that night.  Jason and Tyler enjoyed being able to encourage some of the guys who were struggling with parts of the climbing wall.  The whole team loved being able to use the space to love and encourage people.

For the first time they were able to see the walls that have been built for this reason being used for their specific purpose.  The space itself is neat, but it is AWESOME when there are kids in it and it’s being used for God’s glory and His purpose.


One thought on “Reach Out: BlueSky Youth Holds First Event in the Ministry Hub

  1. Dear Michelle and David,
    Fired up about what the Lord is doing there in Nairobi! I’m praying for you guys.
    Love, Rob

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