Go Deeper: Students and Staff Travel to Young Life Camp in Tanzania

Last September, Kim and Michelle, the director of BlueSky Youth, had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania and attend a training conference and meet with the Young Life staff there.  Last week Daley and Tyler to Arusha with 4 of their students to attend a Young Life camp.  Its awesome to be able to work with another organization who is also passionate about reaching multinational students with the Gospel.

Daley had these words to say about their trip: “YL camp in TZ was awesome.  The weekend was a fun and exciting adventure.  We rode camels in Arusha, made new friends at camp, hiked to a waterfall and swam in the frigid water, went fishing and biking in the mountains, played lots of games, and overall had an incredible weekend.

The two guys are in Tyler’s Covenant Group but they openly don’t follow Christ.  Tyler had the opportunity to be intentional about talking with them about Christ.  Lots of people told us they would be praying for us and our trip and we could definitely tell;  it was a huge blessing!

I got to have some wonderful conversations with my girls.  It was so fun to watch their friendship form so deep and quickly.  They had only met once before the trip (I invited them to hand out one night).  By the end of the trip, they seemed like best friends.  One of my favorite things about the trip was the way Karen, who has been a believer for some time, encouraged Maureen in her new faith, and gave such wise advice.  In one of our cabin times, Maureen expressed some hard stuff going on at school and Karen encouraged her to memorize James 1:2-4.  It was really neat to see Karen stepping up as a leader and building up her new friend.

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