Dive In: Beth’s Opportunity to Reach Students

Beth joined the BlueSky team  as an intern in January.  Since she grew up in Kenya, she was well positioned to dive into life and ministry.  In addition to handling camper registration, she has been pouring into students at the International school.

Here’s a snippet of one of her recent weeks: “This week I had Middle school girls covenant group and a smoothie afternoon with an 8th grader (we got to talk about self-image, the beauty that God has created in us, friendship struggles). Then I had lunch with 3 seniors from the international school, we got to talk about the transition to university and what they are excited and nervous about.  They are such fun girls and I really felt the Lord allowed me to talk about HIm in my natural conversation, praying for more open doors!  Then Thursday night I hopped on a bus to one of the British schools to see one of our students, Sarah in a play.  I had a great chance to talk with some of the moms from the British community and hear some of their stories.  I also got to have coffee with Sarah later in the week so it was good to catch up about the play and be an encouragement to her.”

Youth ministry is a busy world, its all about being where the students are and being faithful to share Christ in the interactions you have with them.  Beth has done an amazing job of jumping right in and pouring into the students that the Lord puts in her path!


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