Climb BlueSky is ready to impact lives! Will you help us raise $15,000 to open the doors?

As Tyler and Daley have watched their influence grow at the Hindu school, they have become increasingly excited about the opening of Climb BlueSky.  Because Climb BlueSky is not open, they are only able to meet with students twice a week through clubs provided on campus.  It would be too far out of their comfort zone for the Hindu kids to come to our current events at the homes of kids from other schools.  However, Climb BlueSky will be a very different story, it is located at Diamond Plaza, a place they visit all the time.  Its where they grab a bite to eat, buy the latest movies, or go grocery shopping with their parents.  When Daley and Tyler are able to invite these kids to Climb BlueSky to climb or attend a youth event, they will certainly come.

The project is far from completion, but with $15,000 we will open the doors and begin serving our community.  Climb BlueSky is so much more than just a climbing gym, it is a safe place where people can belong.  Our prayer is that lives will be changed as people encounter Jesus, whether it be through the encouragement they receive to take one more step on a tough climb, through a conversation they have with one of our missionaries, or through a message they hear in the ampitheater.  Would you help us? Your gift towards $15,000 will give us the resources needed to open the gym, and you will be joining us in impacting our community.  Click here to donate online.

 The offices are built, 5 climbing walls are ready, the youth space is almost complete.  With the next $15,000 we will be able to:
  • Build the inside of the bouldering cave
  • Put finishing touches on the climbs
  • Prepare the youth space to host events

We are ready to impact lives!  We need a secure, inviting, fun space – and we know they will come. There is still much to be done but once we complete the next phase, the gym will be ready for a ‘soft’ opening and will begin impacting lives!  The youth team is hoping to be able to host their weekly event in the ampitheater starting next month.


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