Experience More: Covenant Groups Climb Mount Kenya

Daley and Tyler took 8 students from their Covenant groups to the top of Mount Kenya last weekend.  They had 6 boys and 2 girls, all of whom made it to the summit: 16,355 ft!

Daley writes: “The trip was unforgettable as we experienced God’s beauty in creation while we hiked up Mt. Kenya.  God’s faithfulness continues to amaze me as each student made it to the summit, without any complaining.

Tia was a student who especially stood out.  She had been struggling physically all week.  The morning of the summit, we all woke up at 2:00am to begin our ascent.  Hiking in the dark is an adventure as you navigate steep ridges and rocky cliffs with only a headlamp and the stars overhead for guidance.  Tia had to stop every 10 minutes to rest: altitude sickness was making her nauseous, fatigued, and gave her a bloody nose.  But she kept going and made it to the top with everyone else and didn’t complain once.  We were so proud of her!

Mount Kenya was an incredible trip.  I am so thankful for this “mountaintop” experience and the opportunity to grow closer to God alongside these students. As I was climbing, I was reminded of Christ’s infinite love for me and that His creation declares His name and praise.  He is the creator of the universe and He loves each of us intimately, caring about the details of our lives.  He is patient with us and gave us the grace be patient with our students as we hiked the long and winding trails.  Even when we go slow, don’t understand something, or can’t see the way, He walks alongside us daily.  As we struggle with legs burning from fatigue, shortness of breath because of the altitude, backs weary and straining from the heaviness of our pack, he promises that he will never leave us.  He is our guide.  He is our help, our reason to persevere, our protector and sustainer.  He carries our load, his burden is easy and yoke is light.  He is patient an abounding in love.

Tyler and I felt so blessed to share this experience with students who we have been pouring into each week through our Covenant groups.  Our friendships and relationships were deepened this weekend.  We had lots of awesome conversations about life, challenges they were facing in school, and most importantly about God.  It was truly a blessing to spend this time with these amazing kids.”

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