Go Deeper: The Lord Continues to Open Doors for the Youth Team

It has been amazing to see how the Lord is at work in the lives of students through the BlueSky Youth team.  Here are some of the latest opportunities:

  • Since some of the guys from the Hindu school asked for extra training in American football, Tyler gets to spend every Thursday and Friday afternoon getting to know those guys better!  Pray that the Lord would continue to give develop these relationships and give Tyler opportunities to share his faith with the students.
  • Beth has had the opportunity to connect at the International school.  She has gotten to know several students and has been able to get coffee with some of them.  Pray that the Lord would continue to open up doors and use her in that community.
  • Bryce has had the opportunity to start a Covenant group with middle school guys from the International school.  This is such an answer to prayer.  Pray that the students will respond to the Gospel as Bryce seeks to share Christ with them.
  • Daley thanks the Lord that her middle school covenant group has continued to grow.  She has continued to have more and more girls, one week she had 14!  She’s thankful to see the Lord growing those girls and asks you to pray that He would continue to grow them in His Word and give them a heart to study scripture and know Him more.
  • Michelle, the leader of the Youth team, has been working very hard to develop the student ministry as a whole.  Now that we have a complete team, rather than just one or two people, the ministry has been able to develop into a cohesive outreach and discipleship ministry.  Michelle is doing an incredible job overseeing this transition.
  • The weekly BlueSky middle school events have continued to grow.  Recently the group met at the local water slides and lots of kids brought their friends, who have continued to come to the regular events.  Our team is encouraged to see new students beginning to engage our team.
  • Daley and Tyler are going to be leading a group of students up Mount Kenya this weekend.  You can be praying that they would have the opportunity to connect with each student on this trip.  Spending time in God’s beautiful creation can be an incredible opportunity for hearts to be opened to the greatness of our God.

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