Climb Higher: Building Climb BlueSky

Progress continues at Climb BlueSky.  The most obvious and exciting thing is paint!  The gym is coming to life as color goes on the walls!  Our excitement about this progress is also greeted with the reality that more funding is needed in order to complete this rock climbing gym and ministry hub.  We still need $95,000 to complete Climb BlueSky in its entirety.  We believe that the Lord has very intentionally placed us in the middle of this Hindu and Muslim community so that we can be a light to them as well as our neighbors from Nairobi’s multinational community.  There is a large community that desperately needs the Good News of Jesus Christ.  As we continue to work among them, we firmly believe that this facility will be an incredibly tool that will help us engage them.

Our other reality is that each month that the gym is not open, we spend another $3,000 in rent with no income coming into the gym.   In addition to being an awesome ministry tool, our prayer is that the gym will bring in enough money to cover its own expenses as well as some additional funding to support some of our other ministry expenses.  We need Climb BlueSky up and running so that it can contribute to rather than deplete ministry resources.  Would you give to this project so that Climb BlueSky can begin its work in Nairobi?

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