Venture Out: Registration Starts for Camp BlueSky 2012

Yesterday marked the beginning of registration for Camp BlueSky.  Would you be in prayer as families begin to sign their children up for camp?  Please pray that the Lord would prepare the heart of each child to hear and respond to the Gospel at camp this summer.

You can also be in prayer for the Youth and Camp teams tomorrow as they run a program from one of the area schools.  Its not one of the schools that we are currently involved in so its an opportunity to build new relationships.  The program will be similar to a day at camp so you can also pray that the day would motivate kids to sign up for camp!

And just one final, fun update!  Our team has lots of February birthdays (Daley – 1st, Kim – 6th, Tyler – 9th, Lexi – 16th) so in lieu of 4 small celebrations, the team decided to take an overnight road trip.  They went to the Ark, a very unique hotel for wildlife watching, especially elephants.  Here are some pictures.


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