Have Faith: A New Beginning

School started back today so the BlueSky Youth team spent today praying for their students.  They prayed on the campuses of two schools and prayed for the students from other schools from the youth space at Climb BlueSky.  The team will spend Wednesday and Thursday planning and praying over this semester.  Would you pray that this team would have wisdom as they plan?  Would you pray that students would see Jesus for who He is and have faith this semester?

Also on Wednesday, Daley and Tyler will be meeting again with the principal of the Hindu school about their involvement on campus this semester.  Would you pray for favor with him so that they will be able to invest in the lives of those students this semester?

The Youth team also welcomes Beth Mixon to the team this semester.  Beth is an intern from Covenant College in Chattanooga, TN.  She grew up in Kenya so understands the unique challenges that students face when they grow up outside of their passport country.  Beth has a heart for the Lord and the students in Kenya.  We believe she will be a blessing to the students as she joins our team in ministry this semester.

We’re also so excited about the progress on Climb BlueSky.  The student space is under construction.  Here are some pictures of the recent progress.

The Youth team is excited to see the amphitheater under construction.

The Youth offices will be in the background of this shot (between the column and the wall). The offices will be on the ground floor. Above the offices, a loft will be the youth hangout with couches, ping pong, etc.

The youth space and deck


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