Crescent Island


About 2 weeks after we arrived, we all needed to get out of the city for the day. We spent the day at one of our favorite places, Crescent Island. It is a beautiful place where you can take a walking safari. The kids loved seeing the animals and we all enjoyed a quiet day together.


Crescent Island


About 2 weeks after we arrived, we went for an adventure. We went to one of our favorite places in Kenya for a walking safari. The kids were so excited to see the animals and we all enjoyed having a day out of the city.

Thank You from Climb BlueSky

Divu is a 15 year old Indian boy who’s family owns the large restaurant downstairs. Thus, he’s always just hanging out around Diamond Plaza. He’s been stopping into our space for months, waiting for us to open.  Now, this past week, he’s been here every day & night, including 8 hours on Saturday.  Previously he used to bide his time playing pool by himself at the pool hall in the basement.  But, now, he spends his time following Andrew & Stephen around.  Now, he’s being loved on by our staff, and Andrew invited him to join our Youth events on Sunday afternoon – where he’s now hearing the Gospel!

Dave is an ex-pat, probably in his late 20’s, who runs a business and lives to go rock climbing. He’s been at our place every day / night that we’ve been open this past week also.  He’s longing for community, and a place to connect. Stephen got to have a really good conversation with him last night, and he represents just one of many that our staff will now have the opportunity to pour into multiple times a week!

In its first week of operation, Climb BlueSky had the opportunity to impact over 200 people.  God has been so gracious in allowing this dream to come to fruition.  Stephen and Andrew express their gratitude in the video below.

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Climb Higher: Climb BlueSky is up and running!

Climb BlueSky opened its doors for the first time on Saturday.  They had 42 people who came to climb.  Our team was so encouraged to finally be open after months and months of hard work.

When asked to share some highlights of the day, Co-Director, Stephen Powell said,”PEOPLE IN THE GYM!! It is so incredible to watch other people enjoy what we have worked so hard to build. And after all the reason we built it was for people. We had expats, Indians, Kenyans, families, climbing buddies, and kids come enjoy the gym. It was great foresight into the kind of crowd we will draw to the gym and the opportunity we have to expose them to the Gospel.

There were no major hiccups. No one complained about the price, the waiver, us having to check their belay style. Everyone just seemed happy that we are finally open. And we had so much interest in classes and groups. There is a ton of opportunity ahead of us. “

Climb BlueSky Prepares to Open

It is a big, big week for Climb BlueSky.  On Saturday, Climb BlueSky will open to the public for the first time!  We’re so excited to begin impacting our community as they come climb with us.  It has been a long road to this day and the Lord has been so faithful.  He has enabled our team to navigate each and every hurdle and we’re so thankful to see this day come.

The gym is not completely finished so construction will continue during the week. For now, the gym will be open three nights a week and all day on Saturday.

Would you pray for the opening of Climb BlueSky?  Join us in thanking the Lord for His faithfulness to provide.  Pray that Saturday would be the beginning of many relationships that will have Kingdom impact.  Pray that the Lord is honored through Climb BlueSky and that the light of those inside will penetrate the darkness at Diamond Plaza, a place filled with idolatry and evil.

The staff are training for the big day!

BlueSky Youth has begun a partnership with YoungLife International in EastAfrica within the past year. We’ve now held 3 staff development trainings together as well as taken BlueSky students to a YL camp in Tanzania.  This past week, 2 of the YL international staff couples came to Nairobi for a week of training and community building.  Our team hosted these couples, and we had a blast!    We are preparing to host a large outreach camp in December for high school students from international
schools in East Africa. YL has staff in international schools in Tanzania,
Rwanda, & Malawi, and BlueSky is obviously working in international
schools in Kenya.  So, everyone is working to get high school students to
Nairobi for Camp in December!  We’ll host camp at Lukenya (where Camp
BlueSky happens in June & July), and we are really excited about this
joint venture!  Will you pray for students to sign up for Camp?  Pray also
for their lives to be transformed by the Gospel!  It has been so
refreshing & encouraging to connect with these YL folks because of our
similar passion for this unique group of multinational people living in
Africa. And, we had such a fun week showing them the big city of Nairobi!
BlueSky Youth continues to pour into the lives of the multinational community in Nairobi.  Each week they are meeting at the youth space, the Crux, at Climb BlueSky.  During these times, the team pours into the students and shares a message from this semester’s theme verse, John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
Here are some pictures from a recent Middle School event.